April 17 Favourites

April 17 Favourites

Theatre: I am going to kick off this month’s favourites with my favourite (admittedly only) show this month: Kinky Boots. Briefly, Kinky Boots is about a run down shoe factory passed down to a son and to save the factory he decides to make “a range of shoes for a range of men”. I saw Kinky Boots on Broadway in 2014 which was my first Broadway show so i didn’t pay as much attention to detail so it was nice to be able to do that this time. I felt very proud of British Theatre during the performance, i thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was much better than Broadway in terms of the acting and singing, probably highly due to the accents as these were rubbish in NYC.
This night was the highlight of my month, potentially even the year so far. I have always kicked myself for not waiting outside stage doors but that night i plucked up the courage to do so and met David Hunter (shown in the headline picture). David played Charlie. Charlie is one of my favourite characters from musicals and David’s portrayal of the performance was by far my favourite. I love the vulnerability of Charlie combined with his passion and loyalty and David made this feel very real, I didn’t feel like i was watching someone play Charlie, i felt like he was Charlie which was very special.

Music: The above leads on to the music i have been most obsessed with this month. The first half of the month i was constantly playing Adele, particularly ‘Don’t You Remember’. After meeting David Hunter i looked into his music as i loved the way he sang ‘Soul of a Man’ (one of my favourite musical songs). I found a song he wrote and sung called ‘One of a Kind’ and i love it very much, the video is very simple but it shows him getting into the music and almost shows how you (or i do anyway) feel listening to it. This has been combined with ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.

TV: My best friend recommended 13 Reasons Why to me and i have now watched the series twice, once alone and the second time with my mum and brother. Briefly, 13RW is about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind tapes containing 13 reasons why she killed herself. Each reason is attached to a person and the tapes have to be passed on to each of them in the order that they appear on the tape. The first 4 or so episodes are very high school, relationship dramas that are still interesting to watch, but after this period it gets very messed up and it is brilliant! To start off with, the actors are great, Dylan Minnette plays the lead character, Clay and i completely fell in love with him! You spend a lot of time feeling the way that they do when listening to the tapes. You feel like you have hundreds of questions but the only way of getting them answered is by watching more and you get nervous anticipating Clay’s tape. Clay’s tape and the final tape are the most emotional and i almost could not bare Clay’s guilt myself. There is definitely opportunity and demand for a second season due to the popularity and some hints give in the final episode but i am unsure of whether this would ruin the first season and the ideas of the show altogether. I think there is a point when you make something so messed up that you don’t believe it is to ever be realistic, but then again this could be the whole point.

Quote: I love to pull apart quotes. My favourite quote of this month is “you have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” This is a Dr. Seuss quote. Thinking into this, we all have a brain to know what we should and should not do, we are intellectual enough to think about things at least to the extent of knowing what we want. We have the power to be able to go and do what we want to do, if we put our minds to it then we can at least try.

Random: My last favourite thing for April 17 is outdoor summer games. Yes, it is still a little chilly to be outside all the time but most shops now have sections of outdoor games and the bright pastel colours that symbolise warm weather is coming and it is going to be good! When i see these isles in shows my inner child comes out. Only yesterday i bought a pocket sized kite with my trip to the Isle of White (June) in mind. Of course these isles are designed to children but we are all children at heart!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie’s Bubble =D


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