Amaluna Review

Amaluna Review

I saw Amaluna performed by Cirque Du Soleil at The Royal Albert Hall 25th January 2017. Cirque Du Soleil is a group who perform circus type acts along to a story with song and music. Amaluna is a coming of age story of a girl who falls in love with a guy in a nut shell.
First I want to talk about the experience of The Royal Albert Hall. I was absolutely astonished as soon as I saw the huge building poking around the corner of the street I was on. I think the area of Kensington alone is pretty impressive, a very wealthy area that can make you feel pretty good about yourself walking along all dressed up to go to the theatre. I was amazed by the size of the outside and became extremely exited to go inside. It is a complicated building to find yourself around, in a large circle with presumably the hall in the centre; it feels like you’re trapped in a cylinder maze!
Entering the hall made me well up, the sheer size of the space available to perform was amazing. This leads me onto the set. I really liked the jungle-type feel and it felt very open which is something I really liked, and I believe this was probably more to do with the hall rather than something they had intentionally planned. Although there were two characters (Papulya and Malnha) that interacted with the audience and made everything feel very fun. The top of the hall had white circles which I wasn’t entirely sure of the purpose for but they looked good.
The individual acts themselves were very impressive. There was everything from water stunts and pole climbing to acrobatics and extreme balancing! My favourite act was the artists that hung from ropes and at moments felt like they were coming up to us (sitting at the very top). My brother was with me and his favourite act was the men who used a giant sea saw to do stunts. The boring act for him was the balancing as it took a while to put all of the sticks on top of each other, however I can appreciate this would have been incredibly difficult for the performer and I found this very credible. The only disappointing act for me was the fire guy as he didn’t actually juggle fire. I know he was meant to because it is promoted on everything for the show but he dropped a lot of what he was juggling so I was also very relieved this didn’t exculpate to fire.
There was something about the environment created at the Royal Albert Hall that made me feel invincible. There were so many people from so many backgrounds yet because of the hall you feel like you are being treated like royalty with the red velvet everywhere. It felt like an empowering place for me I was absolutely astonished by the whole experience. The venue fitted Cirque Du Soleil perfectly too, it was large enough for the acts to really stand out and visibly look as large and grand as they are. You feel like you are seated vertically which works very well with the areal work as the performers fly right in front of you.
After finally seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show I can officially say that I entirely understand what the fuss is all about!
Thanks for reading,
Sophie’s Bubble =D


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