Letters To Windsor House Review

Letters To Windsor House Review

During my second semester at University we had to attend a performance by Queen Mary Alumni. This performance was called Letters to Windsor House by Sh!t Theatre, performed at the Soho Theatre. Briefly, the play is a true story about a couple of friends who started receiving other people’s mail, opened this mail and started guessing who or what kind of people they were.
The set consisted of a projection of a PowerPoint slide that guided the content of the play with a sofa that was split in half. During the performance the set increasingly became more cluttered with various props. I really liked the setting because it made you feel like you were sitting in the house with them in the very beginning of the play and the size of the Soho Theatre (upstairs) helped this. It was also very relevant to the piece as they are talking about an event that happened in their home but it wasn’t a boring way of setting out a home, they split a sofa in half – that’s exciting! Of course the sofa would have been slit before and they just pulled it apart but the concept of this split became relevant in the last few lines on the PowerPoint at the very end.
Anyone who has been a Drama student at Queen Mary will know exactly what a performance presentation is and be pretty unenthusiastic when hearing it. Briefly, a performance presentation is a presentation that has to be performed but it cannot be too much like a performance and cannot be too much like a presentation either – it’s complicated. At first I was not sure about this type of performance being used in a professional theatre setting but I was happily proved wrong. There were many performative elements such as dancing, singing and direct address that aided in delivering a story that was pretty funny. The comedy gets you through the piece, the story is interesting but it was the character and personality of the actors that made you enjoy it.
As funny as the piece was, you started to get to know who the actors were in “real” life and this was not so jolly. I believe so strongly to the point where I think it is obvious that your personal experience impacts how you take a performance. The actors described their friendship to each other through letters to a point where it felt painfully real in juxtaposition to the comedy. I have experienced similar feelings and am in a similar friendship and seeing this performance the particular time I did made me feel rather empty. It was as if all the honesty in my friendship was being shown directly to me through two other people in a similar situation and it was not pleasant.
This is one of the reasons why I love theatre so much. Parts of who you are can be portrayed right in front of you, making you think about it in a different way than you have before. It is because of this play that I realised I had some very bad faults that seriously needed correcting and since then I have been working on correcting them. I and no one else is perfect but with the power of something as special as theatre we can understand this and work to improve.
Thank you for reading,
Sophie’s Bubble


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