Sleeping Beauty Review (Sort Of)

Sleeping Beauty Review (Sort Of)

I saw Sleeping Beauty at The Royal Opera House as part of a child/family type day. For this review I am not reviewing the actual Ballet (which I also saw and was outstanding), I am reviewing the day itself.
The grand doors of The Royal Opera House opened as we were greeted by two child-like dress ups of fairies. This was very fun for a lot of children around, they were taking pictures with them. As you walked the many stairs and escalators to the main part of the Opera House there were many stalls laid out in the concourse area to the sound of a small part of the orchestra that continued to play throughout the morning. The stalls consisted of arts and crafts (making wands and crowns) and trying on costumes from the costume department.
Down one of the corridors there were warm-up classes and a prima-ballerina answering questions. As well as this, there was a studio where you could learn one of the mimes from the Ballet. I did this workshop as I have always wanted to be in one of the rehearsal rooms and meet one of the choreographers. All of the children I came across throughout the day seemed to be having a really good time. I was a ballet dancer for 12 years so it is very fixed in my heart; however, this was not the most exciting place to be on your own when you are not a child.
I was very impressed with what The Royal Opera House was doing. Hundreds of children were becoming engaged with Ballet and I haven’t seen this done before. I think this would be a good thing for more theatres and shows (in all art forms) to do on an opening week; it is a lot of fun and crates a wonderful atmosphere. I believe this is one of the best ways of keeping the arts growing because it brings people in and makes them open up more to the importance of maintaining this creative world.
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