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July 17 Favourites

July 17 Favourites

Finishing my first year of uni left me very busy and I was also working a lot so I didn’t do much writing for my blog for a few months but now I have enjoyed starting it up again so here is finally another favourites blog 🙂
Book: I am kicking off my July Favourites with my favourite book of the month. When I last saw Wicked I bought the book: The Grimmerie. Unfortunately, this is not Elphaba’s actual spell book; it is, however, a behind the scenes look into everything Wicked! It goes into so much detail with every aspect of Wicked and starts at the very beginning of creating the show. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who loves theatre!
Music: One random song I have loved this month is Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. I came across it at a club and think it is an awesome song to dance to. My main obsession with music this month has been the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack. I currently want nothing more than Dear Evan Hansen to come to the West End and have tried to limit my knowledge of the plot so I can be more emotionally invested in it when it does. I can tell just by the music that it will be emotionally brilliant and potentially challenge humanity at the same time as reforming it.
TV: My main Netflix binge of the month has been Bad Education mainly due to the very handsome Jack Whitehall. Celebrity crushes aside, my favourite TV of July is Gavin and Stacy. I probably binge watched this before July but they have just put up Season 3 so I’m not obsessed with it again. I love James Cordon’s work, I think his writing is comical yet true to humanity and his acting follows this perfectly. In the behind the scenes of the Christmas Special, Ruth Jones (who plays Nessa) said that the great thing about James Cordon’s acting was that he really plays everything down which is what makes it so real and this is the perfect description of how I would see his acting also. He can be hilarious but true and honest during serious moments which make for lovable characters and a lovable actor.
Quote: At the beginning of July (or admittedly the end of June) I read the book Mrs Whippy by Cecilia Ahern (my favourite author). There was a point where the character was describing the reality of love with reference to Romeo and Juliet and I found it very amusing, so much so that I laughed out loud on the tube:

‘My kitchen is shabby. My bedroom is a depressing disappointment that, over the years, has seen more depressingly disappointing performances than the West End. Romeo, oh Romeo, my husband was not. Juliet, I certainly am not. The only where-bloody-art-thous uttered from my gob were at four a.m. when he still hadn’t returned from a night out.’

The quote did continue but when reading it I wasn’t in a “performance” mind-set so felt like it was taking the joke a bit too far so I didn’t photograph the rest of the page but reading it back I do still really enjoy it, it is not often that a funny quote is my favourite, although it clearly has a sad meaning of a crumbling message behind it so I guess not.
Random: I have really enjoyed evening walks during July. My favourite evening walking spot is to a beach in a very shitty area that I can see the beauty in mainly when the tide is in. There are many fields and pleasant walks close to my house but I quite like a drive to a walking spot, especially on a long quiet road that has many more trees that traffic as the sun is at its brightest during a sunset. I really like the walk along a beach or seafront because I love the sound of waves, it is one of the few things that relax me but I have to physically be there to find it relaxing. I think a walk is such a nice way to end a day and it feels refreshing too.
Another random thing I have enjoyed this month is creating my own YouTube channel. Of course I had an account before not I have actually set it up like this blog. I changed my Google account to be Sophie’s Bubble and have created a 90 second review of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (which I have not written a review for on here yet). I love writing blogs and reviews but when the difference between this and filming a video is that I can actually talk in a video. Both writing and talking feel like I am expressing what I think and feel but physically being able to talk feels like I’m letting out the words I am typing, I am releasing them from the prison that is my laptop. I feel as though there are great things ahead for my blog. I may not have many people who read or watch my reviews and opinions but I am enjoying it so much. There is much more to come and that is very exciting.
Thank you for reading,
Sophie’s Bubble =D